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We handled a perishable food and fruit such as banana, watermelon, soursop and Paparich.

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We had managed the Vehicle Trial at Jeddah, Makkah. Other than that, we had done a Machinery Movement and also Airport Equipment Transfer. 

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   For automotive logistic, we had handle movement from Port Klang to China and return movement from China to Port Klang. We also had  handle movement from Shanghai to Port Klang.

   Our job scope inclusive of door to door service by sea, loading, lashing, clearance at China, chocking into Flat rack container and safely deliver to Malaysia.

   We also provide movement services in Korea, UK and India. We handle CBU Bus movement to Japan under Temp Import for research purpose. Other than CBU car movement, we also have experience with auto parts movement in China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, UK, Germany, India.

 We also provide warehouse service which are customize to meet our client’s requirements.

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We provided a solutions which are individually tailored to the demand of each customers.